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Social Media Analytics: Data Utilization of Social Media for Research
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Pemilihan Metode dan Algoritma dalam Analisis Sentimen di Media Sosial : Sistematic Literature Review
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Measurement of User Satisfaction Level in the Bina Darma Information Systems Study Program Portal Using End User Computing Satisfaction Method
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Design of Information Systems for Research Permit Application with Agile Method and Website Based Laravel Framework
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A Development of Decision Support Systems Selection of Employee Acceptance Using Weighted Product Method
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Implementasi waterfall model dalam pengembangan sistem informasi eksekutif penduduk
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A Analysis Of Information Technology Governance In Department of Communication And Informatics of Salatiga Using COBIT 5 Framework DSS Domain
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Application of Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm In Determining New Student Admission Promotion Strategies
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Penerapan Model Unified Theory Of Acceptence And Use Of Technology (UTAUT 2) Terhadap Perilaku Pelanggan E-Commerce Shopee Indonesia Di Kota Palembang
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Bitcoin-Usd Trading Using SVM to Detect The Current Day’s Trend In The Market
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Tourism infrastructure development and transformation of vegetation index in Dodola Island of Morotai Island Regency
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Priority analysis of mangrove Guraping ecotourism development based on spatial data using process hierarchy analysis
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Sistem informasi geografis (SIG) Pemetaan Lokasi Pertambangan Batu Bara Berbasis Quantum GIS (Studi Kasus: PT. Hasil Bumi Kalimantan)
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Analysis of It Service Management In The Salatigaku Application Using The Framework Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3
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A Study of Economic Value Estimation on Cryptocurrency Value Back by Gold, Methods, Techniques, and Tools
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Testing of Technology Acceptance Model On E-Learning Based Edmodo Framework: A Perspective of Students Perception
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Perencanaan Strategis Sistem Informasi dan Teknologi Informasi pada Perusahaan PT. Grahamedia Informasi
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Sentiment Analisis Terhadap Cryptocurrency Berdasarkan Comment Dan Reply Pada Platform Twitter
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Optimization in determining routes of goods distribution vehicle using the ant colony optimization algorithm method at PT XYZ
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Analysis of malware DNS attack on the network using domain name system indicators
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Performance Analysis Of Information System/Information Technology using COBIT 4.1
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Current directions and future research priorities of customer data analysis
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Implementation of Android-Based Vehicle Tracking System in Trac Astra Rent A Car Palembang
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Barcode Based Digital Library Information System Application (Case Study: SMA Yadika 3 Karang Tengah)
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Optimization of Wireless Network Performance Using The Hierarchical Token Bucket (Case Study: Muhammadiyah University of Palembang)
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Badminton competition aplication using website
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A training gesture-based-scroll visual artificial intelligence and measuring its effectiveness using hidden-markov modeling methods
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Strategic planning information systems enterprise architecture planning method case study of Semarang City Public Works Department
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Measurement of User Satisfaction Level in the Bina Darma Information Systems Study Program Portal Using End User Computing Satisfaction Method
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Application of Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm in Determining New Student Admission Promotion Strategies
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