Social Media Analytics: Data Utilization of Social Media for Research

  • Ria Andryani Information System, Data Science Interdiciplinary Research Center
  • Edi Surya Negara Information System, Data Science Interdiciplinary Research Center
  • Dendi Triadi
Keywords: Social Media, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Research, Twitter.


The amount of production data generated by social media opportunities that can be exploited by various parties, both government and private sectors to produce the information. Social media data can be used to know the behavior and public perception of the phenomenon or a particular event. To obtain and analyze social media data needed depth knowledge of Internet technology, social media, databases, data structures, information theory, data mining, machine learning, until the data and information visualization techniques. In this research, social media analysis on a particular topic and the development of prototype devices software used as a tool of social media data retrieval or retrieval of data applications. Social Media Analytics (SMA) aims to make the process of analysis and synthesis of social media data to produce information can be used by those in need. SMA process is done in three stages, namely: Capture, Understand and Present. This research is exploratorily focused on understanding the technology that became the basis of social media using various techniques exist and is already used in the study of social media analytic previously.


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